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Anders in English

My website has now been extended to include an English section. This section is not merely a translation of content already available in Danish but contains different stuff originally made in English. Accordingly, this section may also be of interest for those who have already acquainted themselves with my Danish output.


English is not my mother tongue and most of my writing has been done in Danish. There will, however, be a bit available in English to be found by clicking on “Writing”. On the other hand my songwriting has actually mostly been accomplished in English and you can find some recordings by clicking on “Music”. A few facts about me can be found by clicking on “About”. And by clicking on “News” an announcement can be seen if new stuff becomes available in this English section of my website.


This is not a blog. Neither is this site a forum for discussion. Updates will be irregular. If you want to contact me you can send me an Email. This can be done by clicking on “Contact”. I am ready and happy to reply in English or Danish to any acceptable Email being sent from here.


Everything on this website, including the English section, is free. There are no cookies, ads or collection of data about users here. The sole purpose of this website is to make parts of my output available and thereby perhaps encourage users to seek out more, such as buying my books. You are very welcome to pass it on to others who may be interested that this website is here to be checked out.


All the best


Anders Levy, September 2021

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